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It’s almost Anvil!

It’s been more than two months since the last update and (I’m really sad to admit) we barely managed to gather twice, our last session was last weekend and hence the update. Ok, to be fair with my players -and myself -, not only we all work or go to college but we also play our other campaign. Speaking of which, I’ve been trying to finish my custom power cards for my character, Kilu and yet again my obsession with detail is preventing me from finishing them. Just to set an example, I found some Iokharic fonts while surfing through the net and now I’m trying to write my power titles not only in draconic but also in the Iokharic script. Of course this requires more than just a copy paste, editing a pdf requires setting coordinates, adding the font. embedding it, and a lot of patience if you want the lines to be aligned. Now that I think about it, a lot of people here might want to get their hands on those fonts. I’ll look for the link again and post it as soon as I find it. But I digress…
In the last two sessions my players got to roam around Wintershard their base for the time being. Some of them have complained about the lack of combat encounters to be found while others claimed the characters are wandering aimlessly around the village without sense of destination. The former was somewhat intentional on my behalf since I wanted to do a lot more roleplaying in this campaign as a means to expand at least a little bit the way we play. Since the Prologue had been almost all about fighting I originally planned Chapter 1 as a big skill encounter with lots of smaller ones in between and only a couple of short combat encounters to fill the gaps. I really stumbled upon a brick wall on the very first session when I realized I, as a GM, I’m not yet prepared to accomplish such a deed (to make it fun that is). Roleplaying is quite hard. For the second session I added two combat encounters where the framework I had already designed allowed. Luck had it, my friends unwittingly made the choice to avoid them. I didn’t want to force them to get into combat to keep the story going without any a wizard did it mumbojumbo.
If we can all gather this weekend we will play the other campaign which we’ve been seriously neglecting so I though I could compensate my crappy storytelling and fix the later complain, that is giving the characters a clear purpose.

Oh, by the way, “Anvil” is how July is gonna be called from now on in my campaign, the month obviously being dedicated to Moradin. At first I thought to name nine months after nine good or unaligned gods in our pantheon and the remaining three after kings or queens of the past, in the same fashion as months in our calendar are named after roman gods and emperors. But then I thought: Why twelve? Why 365 days? Why not 411? I haven’t decided a number yet but I want it to be as arbitrary as ours and as logical as it could get, if that’s even possible.

Quique out.

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06/30/10 09:42 GM's Post

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