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The Void Spaces postmodern dilemma

I didn’t get to draw new Splug’s and Ninaran’s portraits BUT I finished a Suz’anh’s portrait I’m happy with (for the moment that is). Dios pointed out that it kinda looks like Mr. Burns on that Simpson’s Episode where they make a X-Files parody and actually it does. It’s the first image that looks better on paper than scanned, not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. I used a picture that Gabe uploaded with the character info as reference since he managed to find a bald, female, earth genasi in one of the WotC’s books (thanks by the way!). Probably I won’t be uploading any more drawings until I buy a digital pad, so I can put color in them without going crazy in the process.
Also I changed the banner yet again, the previous one looked fancier but you could hardly read the campaign’s and the chapter’s titles. This one is simpler but it’s easier on the eyes I guess. I’ve been playing with Gimp 2.0 quite a while in order to make one I really liked but I barely remember how to use photo editing software so this one should do for now.

I placed a modified image from The Village of Hommlet book on the home page, it’s called Wintershard in our campaign though. The white space to the left of my “verse” was driving me crazy so I thought this picture was adequate to fill it since the characters arrived to the village by the end of our first (and only) session for this campaign and I barely provided the players with any visual content. Again, another consequence of planning the encounters in a hurry.
Regarding this, I really hate textile, html seems so easy to use for me that I really don’t know why I should bother about learning textile’s commands, all they seem to do is interfere with my html :P By the way, no Gabe, I won’t show you how to do it, just click on Edit This Page check the code and figure it out yourself, it’s not that hard.

Next on my To Do List is writing a brief text recounting the events that happened during the prologue. Most of it is already in the characters’ pages but there are some incongruences between them since I wrote those separately and the idea I had for the campaign changed from one to another. I have the probable course of the story set as for the next two or three chapters, in the event that the players take some radical action, I’ll have to rewrite or rethink future occurrences and even chapters maybe, so I didn’t really bothered to make any detailed content regarding them as of yet.

That’s all for today!

Quique out.

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04/13/10 04:42 GM's Post

The Seal Of The Elemental Stones Quique