The Village Of Wintershard

“They lit the flame, they ruled the game,
He set a void he could not tame,
They took a glimpse, he looked again,
they shut the door, he wears their chains.”

An anonymous verse from Tigerclaw folklore

Loosely based on The Temple Of Elemental Evil written by Gary Gygax in 1985, this campaign details the adventures of an odd quartet, an elf, a genasi, a gnome and a goblin, brought together by chance and caught up in the eternal strife between the forces of Good and Evil.
Events, characters, locations and many other elements are taken from various sources including the aforementioned classic book and many other published adventures, magazines and websites, sewn into one huge campaign arc by the GM’s madness and eagerness to tell a story and entertain his players. If reading its chapters is half as entertaining as playing it, or if anyone finds it as a useful reference to get new ideas for their role-playing sessions, mission accomplished.

Prologue: The Ritual

Chapter 1: Wintershard

Chapter 2: The Ruins Of The Moathouse

GM’s Posts

The Seal Of The Elemental Stones

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