04/08/10 11:36 GM's Post

Let’s call it a day…

Alright, I’ve created the blog, set up the homepage, created two posts, uploaded a temporary banner and wasted about eight hours of my life learning how to write in a web language only to find out (yet again) html is still the best way to get things done the way you want. I hope to be able to update this frequently since I’m excited by the site features’ potential to enhance the game experience.

That said, I’m a lazy bastard so I’ll probably do it less often than I should. And speaking of lazy bastards, I’ve got to work tomorrow so I better get some sleep. I should keep my job for at least a month so I can afford to buy a pen tablet in order to draw all the things I’ve got in my head and want to share with my friends.

Quique out.

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04/08/10 11:36 GM's Post

The Seal Of The Elemental Stones Quique